About BMSI

Mission Statement

Our mission is to maximize the value of real estate assets for its clients. Our primary strategies for accomplishing this mission are: (i) the application of current and state of the art operational standards to all facets of property/facility operations, providing our clients with consistent and reliable operating results and accurate and timely reporting; (ii) employing the highest quality people at all staff levels which provide premium day-to-day decision making ability and judgment, allowing our clients to focus on other aspects of property/facility management, and; (iii) the aggressive control of operating expenses and utility consumption. Contracting with BMSI will give our clients the opportunity to better manage and lower their operating expenses while improving tenant/occupant satisfaction by: (i) reducing the amount of contracted mechanical support services, (ii) lowering the number of occupant complaints by higher efficiency operations and proactive maintenance programs, and; (iii) minimizing the response time on normal and emergency tenant requests.
BMSI experienced professionals have the skills, tools, systems and processes to proactively address problems and identify opportunities for each managed asset. Acting as an extension of our clients’ interests, our unique approach is to form a partnership with each client. Together, we ensure that the real estate asset performs to the expectations of the client’s goals and intended use. Assisting our clients with day-to-day oversight of the asset increases their ability to focus on their other core businesses, and delivering an overall uniformity of approach to property/facility management.

Pandemic Support

As we continue to navigate these uncertain times, the safety and well‑being of our customers and employees remains our top priority. To that end, as an essential business to the communities we serve, we are reaching out to let you know as always, we are here for you providing temporary and long-term engineering and maintenance staffing. Nick 301-452-8808

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